Garristown Community Council
Malcolm Lewis

Elaine Finnegan
Vice Chairman

Sheila Elliott
Minutes Secretary

Margaret Donnelly
Corr. Secretary

Patricia Lynam

Nóra Carolan
Assist. Treasurer

Eileen Neylon

Patricia Holloway
Assist PRO

Eddie Gough
Hall Manager

Caroline Ennis
Assist Hall Mgr

Fiona Jones
Operations Mgr

Elaine Finnegan
Assist Operations Mgr

Mission Statement

Garristown Community Council has a mission to :-

• Act as a community council representing the interests of all people residing in or around Garristown.

• Take actions to promote, improve and develop the locality.

• Act as a representative body in dealings with government and statutory bodies, both central and local.

• Apply for and accept all forms of aid, grants, funding and donations.

• Use such monies to promote the main objectives of the organisation.

The picture below L to R
Back - Anita Gough, Nóra Carollan, Fiona Jones, Suzanne Carey, Johnny Mangan, Johnny McGrath, Eileen Neylon.

Garristown Community Council, Garristown, Co Dublin, Ireland. E-mail:

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