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76th Dublin - Garristown Cubs

76th Garristown Cubs - Trail Day
The Cubs had their 'Trail Day' on Saturday 14th October 2006, being transported by train from Ballbriggan station to Connolly and then DART to Bray. This was just the start and the real business of the day was scaling Bray Head with lunch underneatth the giant Cross followed by a careful descent on the slippery slopes. This enables each of the Cubs to qualify for their Trail Day Badge which makes the whole process very important. The train journey back was a lively affair with impromtu singing and acting that kept all the trains passengers enthralled. Well done to all the cubs and leaders Hilary Moore, Lorna Ennis, Anya Lewis and Joanne Lewis.



76th Dublin - Garristown Cubs

On Saturday 27th November the Beavers and Cubs took part in a trip to the Odyssey Centre in Belfast. This was the biggest Scouting event since the formation of Scouting Ireland and the first time the Odyssey complex had hosted such an event. It was also the first time that Beavers and Cubs had a shared National event and the first time for an event of such a size to be held in Northern Ireland. So the 40 Beavers and Cubs from Garristown were all part of Scouting history!

The group left Garristown at 8.00 a.m and the picture shows them with their Banner which was specially made for the day. All the Beavers and Cubs drew a self-portrait on the Banner. The theme for the day was "FRIENDSHIP" and 2000 Beavers and Cubs took part in this historic event..

On arrival everyone took part in a great game of bowling then it was off to the cinema to see the Incredibles. After lunch they went to a fantastic demonstration all about nitrogen and then on to the Interactive Discovery Centres. With such a lot of fun and activity it was a great day for the Beavers and Cubs and also for the leaders. Back in Garristown at 7.30 pm only a little tireder everyone agreed they had had a great Odyssey Day 2004.

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