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Tidy Towns Sub-Committee
The Tidy Towns Committe has soldierd on over the last few years and done extremely well to increase its score on an annual basis. However the people willing to do this work are in the words of the song "getting fewer and fewer" and the competion has changed quite substantially with entrants now being scored against the following categories;

* Overall development approach
* The built environment
* Landscaping
* Wild life & natural amenities
* Litter control
* Tidiness
* Waste minimisation
* Residential ares
* Roads streets & back areas

It was impossible to make a reasonable attempt to effect changes in all these areas without significantly more people involved so we had to make an 'executive' decision which was not to enter this year. Thats a bit sad really but the good news is with the extra help from FAS in the shape of Joe and Ray we are continuing to plant the 26 tubs and hanging baskets with flowers I have been able to get from Fingal County Council plus some we purchase ourselves from money we have raised previously. We planted the tubs over the last couple of weeks and added some small boarders to the Community Centre path. The flowers will provide great colour to the village again this year and thanks to Joe and Ray who will be doing the hard work of watering them through the summer.

We May enter the Fingal CC 'Tidy Districts' competition which is a little less demanding the last date for entry being 8th June 2007.

If anyone is interested in becoming involved with the Tidy Towns Committee with a view to entering next years competition please ring Malcolm Lewis at 086-2464617

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