Garristown Community Council
June 2005
Following significant lobbying by the Community Council, The County Council has passed the planning permission to repair and refurbish the Carnegie Library. This is a beautiful building that has significant visual collateral in the centre of the village as well as providing a valuable service to this rural community. The Tidy Towns committee has painted the raillings, gate and door of the library to make it look tidy during the past year and the renovations will include significant work to bring the building back to its former glory.

June 2005
The results of the Urban Plan carried out by MurrayOLaoire Architects was published in booklet form and is subject to individual perception. However the overall feeling of the committee was that unlike some other recent developments in the village, it was not sensitive to the existing architectural heritage of the village and would lead to very 'Urban' looking developments. This has been conveyed to the County Council planning department.

March 2005 - Garristown Urban Plan Meeting 2nd March 2005 to be held in the Community Centre, Garristown at 7.15 pm

A Village Urban Development Plan for Development Area 1 (Most of land bounded by Chapel Lane, Naul Rd and Main Street) required by the FCC Garristown Village Local Area Plan is being prepared. This will lead to the first phase of development in this area. Please click below for more info.
download 50509_fcc_urban_plan_letter.doc
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